Got to try the Oculus Rift harness. I don’t think it was the Omni treadmill, rather, we had to slide around the platform wearing spandex? socks over our shoes. The game we played was something like Amnesia but it was a procedurally generated maze map with monsters roaming around and we had to escape. I did really well and avoided all the monsters but had to end because time is limited for each person.

GOT TO WATCH THE NEXT DISNEY SHORT ‘FEAST’. We were the 3rd group of people to watch it and the first outside of Disney I believe. It was amazing. Beautiful colors and editing. It seemed to be done like Paperman where 3d models are made to look 2d. We also got to watch it with 3D glasses. Also got a sneak peak at the Dam Keeper.

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This is my “Work in Progress” version of Miss Pauling, as seen in the TF2 short “Expiration Date”. As with when I first showed Olivia Mann, I have a ways to go with rigging and making flexes as well as fine tuning VMT settings and textures (Example being her hair being really shiny). Anyway, hope you enjoy this quick preview. Sorry I couldn’t prepare anything flashier.

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look what the fuck you made me do i hope you’re happy short shorts anon

(if the last whistle doesn’t load it’s a glitch with youtube, gotta spam refresh until you get it, i’ve tried to do everything about it but 50% of the time whistle is kill)


Team Fortress 2 environment artwork for "Meet the Pyro" by Laura Dubuk.


this belongs on my blog


this belongs on my blog



New collab with Retrocitrus who did the fantastic concept art for these items!

Check these out in the workshop:

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